A Christmas Gift from Maria

Maria’s smile was the best gift I received this Christmas.  Maria is seven years young.  She can’t wait to go the USA, so she can run and play with other kids like she used to.  Five months ago she was walking with her mom in their neighborhood in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria when

His and hers

ذكر و أنثى

قال لها ألا تلاحظين أن الكـون ذكـر؟ فقالت له بلى لاحظت أن الكينونة أنثى قال لها ألم تدركي بأن النـور ذكـر؟ !فقالت له بل أدركت أن الشمس أنثـى قـال لهـا أوليـس الكـرم ذكــر؟ !فقالت له نعم ولكـن الكرامـة أنثـى قال لها ألا يعجبـك أن الشِعـر ذكـر؟ !فقالت له وأعجبني أكثر أن المشاعر أنثى قال لها


break the fundraising bottleneck – How Middle East Charities can raise money

I come across charities regularly that are struggling with fundraising. Crowd-funding offers a good, and relatively easy way to get money online. You share your stories and needs with the world online and the crowd responds by sending you money to your account.  There are some basic steps to follow: Locate an online crowd-funding platform

Burj El Barajneh - Beirut - Refugee Camp

Refugees don’t need money, they need engagement!

Thanks to Salma El-Yassir the director of Welfare Association Lebanon Branch (WA-LB), I visited Burj El Barajneh Refugee Camp in Beirut. I visited to support the launch of a Youth Employment Service (YES) Program. To promote the project among camp residences, WA-LB commissioned Graffiti artist Yazan to work with camp residences to create an attraction

Iqra Learning Center - Palestine

Once upon a school – Betine

Spending 4 hours on the King Hussein border can be beneficial after all! I met a Palestinian-American (Wissam) who was visiting Palestine to evaluate a unique social initiative a friend of his started. We talked briefly, and met later in Ramallah.  Amal came with Wissam and took me on a tour of  the “Iqra Learning