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Arab Women Empowerment - Episode 1 - Rama Chakaki
#CentaurStage Debate with Rama Chakaki: Remote Work & Refugee Talent
Rama Chakaki Interview | TEDxBeaconStreet 2017
Awareness of Power is Power Itself - Rama Chakaki
رامه الشققي : تطوير الذكاء الاصطناعي يسير بسرعة فائقة
VOICE 2021 | Demo Session | aiXplain
The Importance of Social Entrepreneurship for the Arab World: Rama Chakaki and Roland Daher
The Importance of Social Entrepreneurship for the Arab World: Rama Chakaki and Roland Daher
Q&A with Rama Chakaki: The nexus of innovation, AI and social impact in the Middle East
FEATURING: Rama Chakaki
Rama Chakaki of Baraka Ventures on Socially Conscious Arabia
رامه الشققي : النساء لا يملكن جرأة المخاطرة كالرجال
راما شققي - مؤسسة شركة BARAKA VENTURES
This is what the future of leadership looks like to Rama Chakaki, Partner at Transform VC

Rama Chakaki is featured in The Power of Presence by Joy Moore.

As the mother of Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland, whose memoir about overcoming the obstacles that face a fatherless young black man was a huge bestseller, Joy is constantly asked: How did you do it? How can you be a good parent, have a career and stay healthy when you don’t have a partner to pick up the slack? How do you connect with a child when you can’t always be there? Joy’s answer is “”presence.”” Specifically, seven different ways of being a force in a child’s life, ensuring that they feel your influence. We can’t always be physically there for our children, but the power of presence can help us to be a voice in the back of their minds that guides them through difficult times.

In THE POWER OF PRESENCE, Moore explores seven pillars of presence–heart, faith, mind, courage, financial freedom, values, and connectedness–that all parents can use to positively influence their children. Using compelling stories from women who have been there and practical advice on everything from savings accounts to mindfulness, this book is a compassionate look at what it takes to raise great kids even in less than ideal circumstances.

Engineer turned social entrepreneur Rama Chakaki is investing in companies that mind the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet. 




40 Women to Watch 2019: Rama Chakaki is innovating systems to support higher education costs for youth impacted by conflict. Meet the 2019 Class of The Tempest’s 40 Women to Watch.


Rama Chakaki was in her mid-20s when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that builds scar tissue around her heart. Determined to make the most of her life, she sought to promote the concept of corporate social responsibility in the region. Nearly two decades later, she has a leadership role in the Middle East’s entrepreneurial landscape, helping innovative social enterprises through her firm, Baraka Ventures. “There’s always a way to break through and do things the right way,” Chakaki tells Arabic Knowledge at Wharton.

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How A Former Telecom Exec Is Building An Education Army.

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Forbes Middle East’s coverage of Social Enterprise Week, an event previously co-sponsored by Baraka Ventures, hosted a series of social impact events. Rama Chakaki was a speaker and an active member of the organizing team.

edSeed is a new mobile app that aims to connect individual and corporate donors with displaced university students. We talked with cofounder Rama Chakaki about the app’s pilot phase and edSeed’s ambitions to expand refugee education.

We all are aware of the stereotypes that try to evade the idea of ‘women making an impact’ for ages. But the good thing is, in this age of technological disruption, there come women who have set themselves as examples and synergies for breaking through the pigeon holes across the business, society and every other domain in the Middle East and the world.

The three pillars of business sustainability today are Profits, People, and Planet. Rama Chakaki, CEO of Baraka Ventures is helping organizations to deliver the maximum positive impact across the board.

16 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Way Business Is Done In The Arab World

Arab Women Rising, published in 2014 by the Wharton Business School, profiles female entrepreneurs from around the Middle East and North Africa.

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Female social entrepreneur Rama Chakaki, Co-Founder at Mint+Laurel is a rising force. She uses her professional technical and communications experience to contribute towards social development for Arab youth. #femaleleaders SME10X

Recent decades have seen greatly expanded opportunities for women throughout the Arab world, leveling the playing field as never before.

In Arab Women Rising, Knowledge@Wharton contributors Nafeesa Syeed and Rahilla Zafar share the leadership and entrepreneurial journeys of 35 women, from a flower farmer tending her fields in the Tunisian countryside to a Saudi royal advocating for expanded women’s rights throughout the kingdom.

ExpoLive Podcast Rama Chakaki

How can you improve lives within your community? How do you solve real problems around you? Hear from people who took matters into their own hands, to help those around them through innovative initiatives with social purpose. Find out how social entrepreneurs drive impact to make a difference. This podcast is by Expo Live, produced by Kerning Cultures Network, interviews by Rama Chakaki.

Mungi Ngomane hosted a weekly podcast series where she discussed topics relating to empowerment, human rights, politics and news stories — always seen through the lens of Ubuntu. In this episode, Rama shares with host Mungi why she is compelled to serve, the importance of the human connection, as well as how so much, comes down to our connection to nature. 

In this episode of Centaur Stage, Marilyn and Rama Chakaki debate whether remote work creates more or less opportunity for refugee talent. The compelling conversation sheds light on the challenges facing organizations, employees, and refugees and offers solutions to overcome these barriers. 

Interview with Rama Chakaki, Executive Director of TechWadi, who brings 23 years of technical and communications experience to her passion: investing in social enterprises, using technology for social development and nurturing future social entrepreneurs in the region. She setup Baraka Ventures in 2006 to invest in social and tech businesses. She established Baraka Advisers, a digital communications agency. She also established BarakaBits, the only media venture delivering exclusively good news, changing the narrative in the media to an intelligent, optimistic and empowering one. Rama holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from George Washington University. She’s a founding member of Arab Women in Computing and the first regional Women Angel investment Network.

A Dubai radio show featured on 103.8, Dubai Eye. The show was a series on Siobhan Live, cohosted by Rama Chakaki and Alex MccNabb. The show covered all things tech and hosted members of the Dubai tech startup, goverement and business community. The show ran for over 12 months.