Journal the Journey – Journal the past

It is every Arab’s responsibility to document the beautiful and rich history of our people, places and culture. With our cities, towns and architectural landmarks turning to dust, all that remains are the memories of our elders. They stand as our national treasures. In their stories are the gems of our rich, diverse, peaceful, beautiful

Abu Issa

The compound backed the sea. At times I heard the waves, smelled the salty water, fish and seaweed.  On Thursdays, a skinny, older man named Abu-Issa came carrying a woven basket filled with fish and prawns.  He wore a wrap-around long checkered skirt, a wife-beater shirt and green flip-flops.  He would squat near a garden

kasr el-sufra .. breakfast Syrian style..

Food in Syria is a tradition, a source of pride, a way of life.  Volumes can be written on recipes, their names, serving traditions, cultural relevance, and origins. Breakfast (kasr el sufra) consisted of: Jiddo’s delicious homemade fruit cocktail; its consistency varied from eatable semi-sold to drinkable liquid depending on the fruits in season. Thick