Happy to report stuff that was earmarked to give away, is going.. I once read of a man who gave away all his belongings. He kept track of who took them.. and after he was down to the clothes on his back, he traveled around the USA to visit his stuff and the folks who


I am holding on to tapes I had since the 1980s! As time passes by they become collectors’ items and I feel an attachment to them. So, I ignored the tapes and focused on a newer collection of CDs. Accumulating those began in the 1990s.  Out of 300+ CDs, 44 are staying; and only until


This is where my TV stood for the past 9 years. A few months ago, I gave it away. My mother and aunt were coming to visit for a few weeks; both are delightful women who’s conversations are enlightening and entertaining. Both women keep their TVs on 24×7; the volume set to what they consider