The Summit

10-June-07 (6am): A few minutes later the team was near the summit, lead by Rama, who was guided by Romeo through the easiest terrain that didn’t require holding on to the umbilical cord. Rama graciously waited for Nick, knowing well that he would throw her off the summit to claim he got there first! As

Second Hike – are we there yet?

The last stretch was a particularly grueling one for the team. Having woken up at 2am, after five hours of continuously interrupted sleep, with no access to breakfast food, which was being served 150 meters south in the main lodge and feeling sore from the previous climb, the team was less than fit to move

Kinabalu National Park – 1st hike

9-June-07: Armed with enough supplies for a month on the mountain the team journeyed on what most thought would be a leisurely, perhaps briefly challenging stroll. Backpacks included:sufficient bug repellent to endanger all insects in Kinabalu National park,two tons of dried fruits and nuts and another ton of chocolate12 emergency blankets designed for outer-space trips,a

Pine Lodge Resort – 1st Stop in Kota

07-June-07: Team KK-12 took up residence in groups of two; Mounier & Mahmoud, Dany & Rana, Nick & Souheil, Ali & Hussein, Jackie & Nirmala, Rama & Iva. The team proceeded to the dining hall for an awesome feast; deep down, even Rana wished for a McDonald’s happy meal to replace the half cooked, tasteless,

Welcome to Kota Kinabalu – Sabah Airport

(Jackie, Mounier, Nirmala, Rama) – First group to arrive in Sabah were given a warm welcome by two sweet middle aged women in national costume and ushered into a “VIP” lounge. The welcoming committee consisted of 10 men in red speedos, pheasant feather caps, frightening tribal tattoos and drums. The lounge was last designed in

KK-Flight to Malaysia

Getting comfortable was beginning to prove difficult. Seats on Malaysia airlines were designed for under 10 age group. That was further confirmed with the circus like apparel of the cabin crew team. While the KK-12 bonded over a personality survey that unveiled too many “Directors”, few “Negotiators” and all members to be “Adventurers”, surprise surprise!