When those in power fail, it is the responsibility of the masses to ACT – not in protest or defiance of leadership, rather collaborating to create a new reality.

Arab leadership, the banking sector executives, Arab Media who fed us nothing but lies and inconsequential news, billionaires and millionaires of the Arab world and everyone else who profited a dime from the strife of the Arab people succeeded achieving their interests; the proof is in the outcome.

It is up to every man and woman who maybe silent while others suffer, and those who speak and don’t act to make a difference.

May the tears of the Arab people wash away your egos, pride, and the walls you build around your hearts that keep you from spending your every remaining breath fixing what you broke. May the heartbreak compel you to feel the restlessness of others and ACT!

Only when the masses volunteer, support, act, the real shift starts happening.