How often do you get to see a life-changing operation? I observed a two today and I’m over the moon with excitement!!

A 7am start in operating room at Bahrain Hospital in Ramallah. Dr. Meyer administers the necessary dose of anesthetics, while Dr. Idriss Gharbaoui got his tools ready to work on little Ayoub’s hand. Image

Within forty minutes, Ayoub’s disfigured, and non-functioning hand transformed to a healthy looking and functioning one.


I am blessed that I get to do amazing work daily fundraising and building capacity with social businesses and charities. Field work reminds me of why I do it.  Seeing little Ayoub’s life changing surgery gave me drive for the coming year to do more.

Working side by side with this volunteer team of doctors and nurses who have been performing surgeries in less than optimal conditions for a week is humbling. They’re creativity and dedication is admirable.  It was a great day to change lives 🙂


for more on the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund visit

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