Thirsting For Justice | Palestinian Right to Water & Sanitation

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A few years ago I read Blue Gold. I was stunned by facts on water shortage and the imminent “water wars” that were facing the region.

No where is this more apparent than conflict zones. Thirsting for Justice  highlights issues around water security in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and lobbies governments globally to support Palestinians’ right to water.

Reading Blue Gold lead me to work with a couple of innovative social entrepreneurs working on water conservation projects.

It is our collective responsibility to educate ourselves on the issues, and find solutions to address them.

Here are a few Links to get you started.

If you have ideas you’d like to share on the matter, please share.


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Influence or Responsibility?

Those of us with visibility shoulder the burden of our less fortunate sisters. We are responsible for their well-being. We must use our time in the media to share their concerns. For every one woman featured in this magazine, there are millions in refugee camps. We must shine a spotlight on those in the shadows; perhaps in doing so millions globally can support.

I dedicate this article featured in Forbes Middle East to two organizations that supports young women:

To read the article click on the images below: