Here it is.. the WAY 2 Gaza campaign..

The WAY 2 Gaza is PEACE / Education / Youth / Collaboration .. Victory through community support of programs that matter.  Mustaqbali is a program that matters.  The Welfare Association Youth members are rallying behind the program to support brothers ans sisters in Gaza benefiting from Mustaqbali. Their goal is to raise awareness,  generate global interest in the program and connect with you with youth in Gaza.

You can join and show your support through social media.

  • Change your avatar photo to a picture of you showing us your peace / victory sign
  • Use one of our avatars
  • Change your cover photo
  • Share links to the WAY site and invite others to join the campaign.

A special thanks to Issa Al-Kindy for the amazing photos & Nermeen Abudail for the brand & identity.

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