#way2gaza launch

Here it is.. the WAY 2 Gaza campaign.. The WAY 2 Gaza is PEACE / Education / Youth / Collaboration .. Victory through community support of programs that matter.  Mustaqbali is a program that matters.  The Welfare Association Youth members are rallying behind the program to support brothers ans sisters in Gaza benefiting from Mustaqbali.

socializing business – where social cause meets social media

I believe that every business must go social. The benefits are too great to ignore.  Over the past five years I’ve worked with many aspiring social entrepreneurs and interacted with accomplished ones.  While I’m very passionate about GOOD business, it isn’t the only kind of social I advocate. Socializing business is identifying the processes that

Journal the Journey – Journal the past

It is every Arab’s responsibility to document the beautiful and rich history of our people, places and culture. With our cities, towns and architectural landmarks turning to dust, all that remains are the memories of our elders. They stand as our national treasures. In their stories are the gems of our rich, diverse, peaceful, beautiful