I’ve built up my kitchen over the years to cook for an army.. well exaggerating a bit, perhaps not an army, but easily 100 guests.  But how often do I have 100 guests? Do I really need to maintain enough china, cutlery, and cooking utensils all year round for the occasional dinner party?

So far, I gave away

  • two china sets, one that I had kept in boxes since my wedding
  • pots and pans that were amazing in theory, yet practically so heavy they were probably made for a male chef with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s build

My criteria for what goes is:

  • did my grandmother manage without this utensil / device?
  • can I serve family and a few friends without having this?
  • is it more useful for someone else than it is for me?



On the list of things to go next are all china, glassware & silverware I don’t use daily or weekly.  As a first step.. stuff I’m giving away for free.. either it has a chip or I have two of it.  Any takers?