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Happy to report stuff that was earmarked to give away, is going..

I once read of a man who gave away all his belongings. He kept track of who took them.. and after he was down to the clothes on his back, he traveled around the USA to visit his stuff and the folks who bought it.

While I don’t plan to visit my stuff, I would like to do something with this information. Maybe an info graph, a collage, or a karma tracker.

  • Maryln found the kitchen items useful.  She’s sending them by cargo to her home in the Philippines along with a clothing items.
  • My cousin loved the planters and fruit shaped candles.
  • TV went to Dilliram.. it’ll journey this fall to his hometown in Nepal.

more on this as stuff goes..

standing up and moving on..

Next on the list to go is a green sofa.  Funny how we become attached to furniture. 

I bought it for a home study / office.. a beautiful room, with windows overlooking a gorgeous garden.  Sitting on the sofa, I looked out to see a weeping willow cherry tree in full bloom in the spring, a fiery red azalea bush and a beautiful dogwood tree.  The sofa sat next to a dark leather brown chair, and faced a fireplace. The fireplace was surrounded by wall to wall shelves.  Books on Arab culture, philosophy, modern art and travel adorned the shelves along with family portraits and a few scented candles. I spent hours on the sofa reading.

With all these memories, it is hard to part with my green sofa.. but I have a good reason..we spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving around.  While sitting around with family and friends is priceless.. standing around or better yet, moving with them is even better.  I’m committed to a more active lifestyle.. reading is great, I can do that on a beach or a park bench.  This sofa has served me well, but it is time for it to find a new home.  While my aim is to give a lot away, for free, some items will be sold.  This is one of them.  To see the ad, click here.

With this sofa gone, I’ll have two more to contend with.

Sufi wisdom – on being

إذا هجرتَ فمـن لـي ومـن يجمّل كـلّي
ومـن لروحي وراحي يا أكثـري وأقـلّي
أَحَبَّـكَ البعض مـنـّي فقد ذهبت بكـــلّي

يا كل كلي فكن لي       إن لم تكن لي فمن لي   

يا كـل كـلّي و أهـلي عنـد انقطاعي وذلّي
ما لي سوى الروح خذها والـروح جهد المقلّ ِ

حسين منصور الحلاج

The author beckons his all to be present and available for him. He questions, if not you, then who will be all present for me?

 قليل عن الصوفيه

two kitchens and a half

I’ve built up my kitchen over the years to cook for an army.. well exaggerating a bit, perhaps not an army, but easily 100 guests.  But how often do I have 100 guests? Do I really need to maintain enough china, cutlery, and cooking utensils all year round for the occasional dinner party?

So far, I gave away

  • two china sets, one that I had kept in boxes since my wedding
  • pots and pans that were amazing in theory, yet practically so heavy they were probably made for a male chef with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s build

My criteria for what goes is:

  • did my grandmother manage without this utensil / device?
  • can I serve family and a few friends without having this?
  • is it more useful for someone else than it is for me?



On the list of things to go next are all china, glassware & silverware I don’t use daily or weekly.  As a first step.. stuff I’m giving away for free.. either it has a chip or I have two of it.  Any takers?