Happy to report stuff that was earmarked to give away, is going.. I once read of a man who gave away all his belongings. He kept track of who took them.. and after he was down to the clothes on his back, he traveled around the USA to visit his stuff and the folks who

Sufi wisdom – on being

إذا هجرتَ فمـن لـي ومـن يجمّل كـلّي ومـن لروحي وراحي يا أكثـري وأقـلّي أَحَبَّـكَ البعض مـنـّي فقد ذهبت بكـــلّي يا كل كلي فكن لي       إن لم تكن لي فمن لي    يا كـل كـلّي و أهـلي عنـد انقطاعي وذلّي ما لي سوى الروح خذها والـروح جهد المقلّ ِ –حسين منصور الحلاج The author beckons his all