When I moved to Dubai I had 1 suitcase. The rest of my clothes would arrive a few weeks later by sea freight. The few weeks, ended up being two months. The content of that one suitcase worked wonders. I found myself knowing exactly what to wear every day. I had to be creative in accessorizing the few outfits I had.

On days when I stand gazing at my closet thinking “I can’t figure out what to wear”, I wish I was back to that one suitcase. Despite having given away all my winter clothes, and a suitcase of clothes every year, I still have too many options…

  • 79 tops (Tees, Dress shirts etc)
  • 12 skirts
  • 26 pants
  • 25 dresses
  • 17 cardigans
  • 28 pairs of shoes

Who needs that many outfits. Why do we accumulate so much? There are outfits I haven’t worn in over a year.  I don’t know why I hold on to them.

And so, clothes must go.  I called in the experts, my daughter Tala and sister Nawara.  They give great advice on everything!  In 30 minutes, I was down to:

  • 46 Tops
  • 5 skirts
  • 16 pairs of pants
  • 20 dresses
  • 15 cardigans
  • 18 pairs of shoes

That’s still a lot! I will have another round or two.  Today, we emptied one closet, and three remain full.  By summer’s end, I plan to have one closet left. One season, one closet.

Any suggestions on who should get the clothes?