I am holding on to tapes I had since the 1980s! As time passes by they become collectors’ items and I feel an attachment to them. So, I ignored the tapes and focused on a newer collection of CDs. Accumulating those began in the 1990s.  Out of 300+ CDs, 44 are staying; and only until I can figure out a way to transfer them to my laptop.

Since the early 90’s, I’ve spent countless hours organizing and sorting my CD collection by alphabetical order, genre and CD cover color.  I’ve dusted them, bought CD racks to match the room they were displayed in, and worried about keeping them scratch proof.   I probably spent more time caring for them than listening to them.

With the advent of internet radio and music sites, I spend time appreciating music rather than cleaning CDs.  I spent an evening with a dear friend conducting a final sort into three categories: move to iTunes and give away, give away, hold on to for a bit longer.  The process took 3 hours, of listening, reminiscing and saying goodbye to my CD collection.

A few ended up at our office, on offer for any visitor.  If you happen to drop by, feel free to scan and take one you like.