This is where my TV stood for the past 9 years. A few months ago, I gave it away. My mother and aunt were coming to visit for a few weeks; both are delightful women who’s conversations are enlightening and entertaining. Both women keep their TVs on 24×7; the volume set to what they consider “background noise” and what I consider “airport announcement” level. The thought of having a TV running for two weeks confirmed my decision. It had to go. The first person I saw that day was the doorman. “Do you want a TV?” I asked. A few minutes later he brought a cart and hauled it out of the house.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with TV. I loved my TV; I spent endless hours watching Jacques Cousteau’s undersea expeditions as a child, grew up on MTV and relaxed to images of Bali on the Travel Channel after coming home from a long day at work. l hated my TV; because I watched diving, dancing and traveling instead of actually diving, dancing and traveling!

I’m by no means a couch-potato! I spent an average of 30 minutes of TV per day in my life time. So the decision to get rid of the TV wasn’t a difficult one. I gained 1260 hours in the next chapter of my life. Today, the time I spent watching TV I’m spending reading books, lounging at the pool or running on the treadmill. Plus with internet and youTube, who needs a Tube at home?