Baba Ghanooj

large size eggplant  (1)

Parsley  (1/2) bunch

Large tomato (1)

green scallions (6)

Garlic (1) large clove

Lemon(1/2) medium

Pomegranate fruit (1/2) (optional)

Pomegranate syrup ( 3 table spoons)

Chopped Walnuts (1/2) cup

Olive oil (1/3) cup

Cinnamon ( 1/4) tea-spoon

Ground black pepper (1/4) tea-spoon

Salt to tast

Cooking Directions

  • Gril the eggplant in the oven 20 minutes on each side( I suggest to gril 3 at a time, peel them when it cools and freeze two for use later
  • Place eggplant in a glass bowl and mash it with potato masher until smooth, add the tomato( finely chopped and drained), the 1/2 bunch of parsely( washed, finely chopped and dried),wash and finely chopp the scalions and add.
  • Mash the garlic with salt add lemon juice and pour in the bowl
  • Add the chopped walnuts , pomegrants(optional), and the pomegrant syrup, cinimon and black peper, and mix all.
  • Place it in a serving plate and pour olive oil on top.

Serving suggestions: with a nice steak, with kebbeh , or as a dipwith pita bread or crackers, enjoy, it is the best Baba Ghanooj ever.