10-June-07 (6am):

A few minutes later the team was near the summit, lead by Rama, who was guided by Romeo through the easiest terrain that didn’t require holding on to the umbilical cord. Rama graciously waited for Nick, knowing well that he would throw her off the summit to claim he got there first!

As they arrived at the peak, they experienced overwhelming feelings that caused them to cry uncontrollably. Many hugs were exchanged, words of support and congratulations and before they knew it, the Cigars, Vodka and Whiskey where out!

The view was indeed breath taking; standing on top of the world, above the clouds, under clear blue skies and rising sun rays, witnessing awesome natural colors of white, blue, green, orange and gray so harmoniously intertwined, feeling the cold brisk wind after having ascended 4095 meters was more than the sense could take. It was simply divine.