(Jackie, Mounier, Nirmala, Rama) – First group to arrive in Sabah were given a warm welcome by two sweet middle aged women in national costume and ushered into a “VIP” lounge. The welcoming committee consisted of 10 men in red speedos, pheasant feather caps, frightening tribal tattoos and drums. The lounge was last designed in 1980 with toilets equipped with buckets as a flushing apparatus; however given the state of the welcoming committee, the KK-12 team opted to praise the conditions of the lounge.

(Mahmoud, Iva, Nick) At the sound of the drums, the second KK-12 team arrived with a great degree of enthusiasm to explore the town. The KK-12, minus Jackie who was charmed by the 1980’s sofa, hopped on the tour bus and explored Sabah.

Four hours later, the last of the KK-12 team arrived. Lead by Rana, who had traded in her lipstick for an RK-47 she used to threaten the KL ground crew, to go “Lebanese” on them if they didn’t put her and the team on the next flight to Sabah.