By the time the flight reached KL airport, the ground crew had been alerted to the arrival of the KK-12. To ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers, the group would be separated for the connecting flight to Sabah.

The KK-12 was split to three groups, by order of national origin, sex and degree of sarcasm and sent off to Sabah in sequence. The ground crew made sure the KK-12 team members were conveniently scattered on middle-seats throughout the airplane.

Prior to boarding, Iva took off with an excuse to find the “washroom”, it was later found out that she cleaned out the vodka supply of KL airport. Nirmala went to the “washroom”, and ended up spending what seemed to be an hour, having prologued conversation with her hubby who was back in Dubai babysitting. When she finally appeared, the group cheered and clapped for her safe exit from the washroom.