Getting comfortable was beginning to prove difficult. Seats on Malaysia airlines were designed for under 10 age group. That was further confirmed with the circus like apparel of the cabin crew team.

While the KK-12 bonded over a personality survey that unveiled too many “Directors”, few “Negotiators” and all members to be “Adventurers”, surprise surprise! Souheil slept; the insomniac Mounier took that act personally, and proceeded to entertain the group with sarcasm targeting the sleeping KK-12 members. The flight debuted Mounier theatrical talent..he used visual and sound effects and carried out comedy in multiple languages and dialects.. Indian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Kazakh, French were but a few of his tongues. Later on, the group would discover his mime and body language humor.

Iva and Rana were busy reapplying their makeup. Nirmala played with her newly purchased roaming phone and pumped Indian tunes through her mp3. Jackie was being a (GSSS) Grumpy Sickly Sarcastic Scot. Nick and Mahmoud competed for airtime until Rama broke their verbal duel and put Mahmoud to work on a never ending business plan. She slept!

Dany humored Mounier in French and occasionally pretended to sleep; he in fact was planning his “Ramboic” missions to part from the group. Ali was plotting to drop Hussein in Pakistan.