I speak with confidence when I say, my mother was a beauty in her youth. She was indeed the Sofia Loren of Greater Syria. She has elegance, style and grace coupled with amazing wisdom, foresight and amazing business savvy. She has cared for us all, maintained her grace and her fortune in spite of all of our shortcomings. She had at once a great man beside her, who unfortunately passed at the age of 50 before fulfilling all his dreams. Today, we (the four of us children) strive to fill the big shoes left behind by both parents. They are superior to us emotionally, socially and financially. What the four of us try to do on a daily basis does not compare to what the two of them accomplished in their lifetime. Tomorrow, I will be with “mother superior” a term reserved only for the Holy in the Italian church, we use commonly in our lives with our mother. She is indeed a vision of strength, power, compassion, perseverance, determination and fulfillment. BIG SHOES TO FIT INTO IF I MAY SAY!

Now that you got a highlight of my parents, (wait till you hear about my grand parents!!).. you will come to appreciate my holiday. I will be tested for my ability to be pretty, smart, compassionate, giving, caring, accomplished, all within a two week period. So if you thought I was on holiday, think again. I have the Grand Mistress of Syria/Turkey to answer to. By the way, my mother is a quarter Turkish, a quarter Kurdish and half north African. My father, “THE BLOND ONE” is all Arab; Syrian of Iraqi origin ( Figure that one out!).

Tomorrow, I will be hugging my family members, kissing them and listening to their lovely stories that I’ve missed over the past couple of months. They will shower me with words of love, tell me they missed me and will undoubtedly question my strange way of life. My brother will be in a quiet corner, waiting for the commotion to settle. Then, he will question my true thoughts, feelings and deepest desires. There, you will surface. Who is that person? Why is he of such significance, how does he make you feel.. etc. etc. My brother is my soul mate. He knows me better than anyone else out there. He knows who I care for and why. He questions my ability to be true to myself; and often calls me on being dishonest with myself. Amazing!, he is my father in a young body, the same old and wise soul.