Breathing Test

I took a breathing test as a base line.  Since Amiodoran causes side effects that impair lung function, this test will give doctors an indicator of my lung capacity pre-meds. The breathing chamber resembles a space machine. The chamber is glass, I sit in it, and the nurse operating it is sitting outside. We communicate

Chemical Cocktail

I have bruises under my rib cage and on my back; the effects of ICD shocks. Today, I began taking Amiodoran 600mg. A medication with scary side effects ranging from kidney failure to blindness.  Here’s a few I read about.. Abnormal skin sensations (loss of sensation; tingling; numbness; prickling); bitter taste in mouth; blue-green discoloring

Body Pain

I had the EP study, it felt terrible. I felt I was running without stopping for hours.  I was about to throw up but feared choking. I was shocked a couple of times with a defibrillator.  They had run three catheter tubes through the groin and I had to lay still for 2 hours. I

Doctors Disagree

Went to see Dr. Tracy with difficulty breathing and getting out of bed. I was switched to Calcium Channel Blockers. She concluded from a brief interrogation that Dr. Del-Negro maybe wrong about the V-Tach.  


I was discharged from Fairfax hospital with orders from Esposito to get off Maxilitien and on Beta-Blockers.  I don’t like Dr. Esposito.  He has poor bedside manners, he leaves me feeling weak and scared, and worst of all, the meds he prescribes are awful!