I was under close observation for what seemed like eternity; in reality, it was fading in and out of consciousness and the doctors had to make quick decision. I could hear half sentences from nurses and doctors around me.

I open my eyes and saw the ceiling lights move past.  “Stay with us” was the only phrase I remember hearing from one of the medical staff around.  I was being moved to the operating room. I remember telling the doctor I am dreaming of playing football in the World Cup. The room was cold.  A stinging liquid poured through my vein. And I was out.

I woke up to learn that Dr. Schenck, one of Dr. Del Negro’s Arrhythmia Associates implanted a cardiac CPI pacemaker. I had never heard of such a thing.  I remembered a 70’s show “The Bionic Woman” that I watched religiously.  I am officially a bionic woman!